Dear Friends,

I assume that all of you have seen the film ‘Jane’s Journey’? The score music for that was composed and played by the very talented Wolfgang Netzer. Lorenz Knauer, who conceived of and directed the film, had the idea of bringing Wolfgang and I together for an evening as a fundraiser whereby I would tell stories, illustrated by parts of the film and Wolfgang would play.


This was very successful.  And then came the idea of asking the fabulous virtuoso clarinet player, Gabriele Mirabassi from Italy to join us. This resulted in 12 memorable evenings, in Germany and Italy. We three established a deep bond between us and this, in addition to the glorious music and my stories, delighted the audiences.

The music of these evenings is available now and I would love it if you could support this musical adventure.

– Jane Goodall


Album: The Goodall Project ‘Triomagico‘
Instruments: Guitar, Oud und Clarinette
Audio: 10 instrumental Songs, length 41:21 minutes
Video: Interview 13:24 minutes
Price: 16,95€ (includes shipping)

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